Sunday, 10 March 2013

End Chapter ( part four )

End Chapter ( part 4 )

It´s not like in the movies, floating face down. No nice outstretched arms and legs floating nicely on top of the water like a starfish. My legs where hanging straight down I could see them just waving around in the current, the same as my arms, what the hell was wrong with me, lift your arms and legs and swim, do something for goodness sake. Nothing happened, no reaction at all, just those jelly arms and legs dancing around in the pink blood stained water like some kind of fantasy below me in plain sight.

Think, think, think, have a plan work this through, brain redlining, heart rate just ticking over, I could hear it clear as a bell, dum dum, dum dum, dum dum. I felt no pain, not a thing actually, nothing and that was a worry. If you have ever snorkeled you will know underwater there is a lot of noise and when your eyes are seeing everything in slow motion I promise your ears hear everything with the volume pumped up and the sounds were amazing.

That morning I did something I never do, it was a stunning summers day, no wind, hot as hell, the sea was warm I could just tell it was. From the house on the hill you can tell, when the sea is that emerald green the warm Mozambique current has moved down the east coast and warmed the normally cold J Bay water to a very nice 20 Celsius. Why I chose to put on my wetsuit that morning is a mystery, normally I would have just run down the hill in my boardshorts, I always do. There was no one surfing, it was small but looked pretty fun, as I ran past Georges door, I stopped and shouted for him to come for a surf.

I knew the wetsuit would keep me afloat even in this bizarre posture, torso floating, arms, legs and head all hanging down. I could see flashes of daylight as the gentle splash of the ocean lifted my head up and down, my mouth and nose were only centimetres from fresh air but I might as well have been at the bottom of the ocean, it was no good. I must have been knocked senseless my whole body had turned into a jelly.

The feeling of helplessness is impossible to describe, fresh air and life was literally 5 centimetres away, all I had to do was lift my head and breathe. Come ON, concentrate for gods sake concentrate, my life depended on moving my head 5 centimetres, nothing else mattered at that moment every single ounce of mental power went into that thought.

Just like that my head moved, it lifted a little, not much but enough to raise my eyes and mouth half way out of the water and I managed to again suck in a small mouth full of water and air. I was floating by now out in clear water and by a chance of luck I could see up the point, I could see George. He looked a hell of a long way away he had his head down and was paddling back up the point and away from me. My only hope was getting further and further away.

love those rocks.
house on the hill.

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  1. I must have been knocked senseless my whole body had turned into a jelly. time distance speed gooloo