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End Chapter ( part one )

End chapter ( part one )

3 February 2009.

It was the sound that got my attention, two terrible different sounds, but it was the blood that brought me back. The second sound I had heard many years ago and it created instant fear, the sound of vertebrae snapping and being crushed, this time it was my neck and the explosion seemed amplified a million times underwater. The first I had no idea where or what that sound was or where it came from, it was a horrible sound, a dull wet thud, kind of like if you hit a ripe watermelon with a baseball bat.

The sound however was not the only thing that had my brain in a state of total confusion it was the light which exploded in my head, an absolutely pure radiating bright white light that left me blind and confused for what seemed ages. It most probably was only a second or two, I guess I´ll never know for sure how long I was out for. Believe me when you are in situations where you are in real danger of dying time expands and slows down and everything seems to move in ultra slow motion. I know that day I should have died.

The dull wet thud I now know was my skull cracking against an underwater rock at my favourite surf spot in Jeffreys Bay in South Africa. The blow was horrible and when I came around I was very dazed and confused. I cant remember actually falling off my surfboard, I remember talking to George as the set of waves approached, I remember it was a stunning hot summers day, the waves were small and playful the water was emerald green and we just had to go surfing. George caught the first wave and I got the next one, I laughed as I flew past him as he paddled back up the point.

I knew I was in serious trouble when I saw the blood. I had been in a kind of dream state watching my hands floating and waving around in front of me, I had no idea what was going on, absolutely no idea where I was, what the hell those hands were doing slapping me in the face or what I was doing underwater bashing my face up against the rocks. The blood which was quickly staining the foamy water was what brought me to my senses.

(to be continued in End Chapter ( part two )