Tuesday, 12 March 2013

End Chapter ( part six )

End Chapter ( Part six )

Breath, my whole life has been troubled by just that breath. For as long as I can remember and especially when I was young, I have had trouble breathing. As a child I suffered with bad asthma, it has always been a daily struggle to breathe, an ever present struggle for air it  has never gone away.

I could see George coming towards me, slowly at first but as he got nearer and nearer he was paddling more and more frantically, he was still sooooooo far away. I was not going to make it, I had swallowed and breathed in too much water, I couldn’t hold on any longer, my head slumped down and It felt like I started to sink. Reality and imagination from now on become a blur, I was dying, slowly drowning and I could not do a thing about it.

My life did not flash before my eyes, I could see the shafts of golden sunlight dancing in the water making amazing patterns on the sand below, my thoughts were crystal clear and I knew I would die. I was not afraid, not sad, not angry, I was actually at peace almost happy. I thought weird things, I thought about my life insurance, my wife could sell the house on the hill, she would be ok, my boys would be ok they would be cared for. My boys they needed me, they needed me. Concentrate hang on, hang on, not like this, not today. I had unfinished business I couldn´t leave it unfinished. I saw my wife`s face, my boy`s faces, they were worried and they looked sad, they gave me an inner strength, they gave me focus.

Breathe I needed to breathe, my whole life I had unknowingly been preparing for the next few seconds. The countless nights with asthma, the never ending nights dealing with oxygen starved lungs. The memory of 1985 all those years ago when I had my lungs crushed my spine smashed and I nearly suffocated to death on dry land, my tunnel nightmare, I always pulled it off, I could do this. I felt a newfound energy, a new focus, everything was crystal clear, I put every single bit of my mental power into one thought. Do not breathe, do not breathe, do not breathe underwater, whatever you do, do not breathe underwater. I had just read the book. 

The bright light started from the outer circle of my vision, slowly at first but increasingly brighter and brighter, getting smaller and smaller. The smaller my circle of vision got, the brighter the light became, the brighter the light got the quicker it closed until in a blinding flash of white, everything switched OFF.


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  1. i was pannicking just reading it cuz. bloody hell, goodness knows how you did it and hung in there but i'm glad you did, theres a whole lot of people that think the same. well done u!
    ps = i love the duet at the end!