Monday, 18 March 2013

Private Health and insurance(1)

Private Health, Insurance and other adventures.

My love affair with morphine had been brief and intense. Right then I craved to escape back to that warm sanctuary. The ambulance had arrived, time had blended into insignificance I have no idea how long it took to arrive, 30 minutes, an hour an eternity. My mind was a mess, I was in hell and it was freezing cold.

 He had drugs of course he did, the paramedic ambulance driver and at last he was here. It had not started well, there is no path down to the beach from the top car park up at the whale lookout. He had tried to come down through the aloes and bushes, had tripped, fallen and rolled down onto the beach much to every ones amusement. No not a good start and it was going to get worse, a lot worse.

The pain also started about then, I knew that pain, it was unstoppable. It started while I was being moved into the ambulance, at first a niggling throb, slowly growing, ever growing. I knew then this was not going to be easy when I had to convince him to use the rescue backboard and neck brace collar before moving me. I definitely knew it was going to be a nightmare when he refused to use any kind of medication until we got to the nearest hospital in Humansdorp. Yes you read that right “Humansdorp” about twenty minutes away, the town where the humans lived.

The drive in the ambulance was bizarre to say the least. I was all strapped and bundled up, still in my wetsuit full of beach sand on one of those nice bright orange rescue boards, neck, arms, legs all tied down and immobile. All I could do was talk, which I suppose could be best described as a one way flow of profanities directed at the ambulance driver for refusing to shoot me up with a bit of pethidine.

After only a few minutes we pulled over, which was impossible, no way could we be there already. Maybe I should not have said all those things about his mother.

Of course we had not yet arrived we had just stopped to pick his kids up from school. They climbed in the back with me and off we went, to take them home.

welcome to.

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