Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Private Health and insurance(2)

I never got to see those kids. I never got to see the ambulance driver. I never got to see the doctor in Humansdorp. I never got to see anyone that afternoon, all I got to see was the point I focused on directly above me. I regret that, I wish I knew who they were, I need to thank them.

In hindsight stopping to pick those kids up was a master stroke, I was starting to panic. Fear of what was coming was starting to take over. Those kids sitting next to me brought things back into perspective. I assume they were young, the age of my boys, they were inquisitive and calm we chatted about what had happened, they asked why I had a big hole in my forehead. Really!!!  a big hole in my forehead, Jesus no one had mentioned that before.

Everything was so calm and civilized, was this an African thing, did African kids take blood and gore as just another part of any normal day or was this just a normal day for these kids who had an ambulance driver for a dad ? My mind was working again I had stopped obsessing on the pain and the fear it was almost good, almost. Kids seem to bring things into perspective.

 After we had dropped them off, it was only a few minutes more and I was being pushed through the doors of the hospital. I am not a religious person everyone who knows me knows that but when I heard the sound of those horrid swing doors swing open as my stretcher banged into them, I closed my eyes and silently said a little prayer.


  1. religion doesn't define spirituality,interesting that when lifes in the balance we may be surprised at what we really believe,who did you pray to?,what did you say?

  2. I did not pray to any specific god or religion, more a plea to my "guardian angel" to help me through this. Many of my friends have often commented on my "luck" at getting out of near impossible situations and turning them into positive experiences. Logically luck is a product of preparing for any eventuality life throws your way and how you react to those challenges. However,sometimes things seem just too far fetched to have happened just by chance.