Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Private Health and Insurance(3)

Is it just me, or do these crazy situations bring things into crystal clear focus. Is it looking death straight in the eyes that makes you sort the important and the bullshit out in a question of seconds. Maybe it’s the drugs, like some magical serum that clears the debris from your brain.

 You can do a lot of thinking when you can´t move and can only see the same spot on the ceiling, maybe that’s the reason, back in 85 I sorted a lot of stuff out staring at the ceiling. I made some huge life changing decisions, not one have I since regretted. Maybe it is the drugs. You can kind of look down on your life and see it for what it is, sort of like some crazy medicine man inside your head telling you the truth, telling you what needs to be done.

Yes, what needs to be done, I had a lot that needed to be done that day. As I was being hurriedly pushed down the corridors through the hospital, I swear amongst all the millions of thoughts that were going through my brain at that moment, in the background I could hear the Talking Heads playing. I had not listened to them for years, this song was from the album “Stop Making Sense” we had listened to it that morning back in 1985 at 121 Battalion. I suddenly felt an even colder shiver run right through my body.

I made a promise to myself then I would sort things out. Lately life had gotten out of control. My wife was threatening to throw me out. I had almost stopped doing the one thing that really made me happy, surfing. All I did was work all day I never seemed to have time for my boys. I needed to make it through the day. I had my family depending on me. I had a lot to sort out.

I had a secret beautiful daughter in France that no one knew about. I really needed to deal with that.

Meanwhile the Talking Heads turned up the volume in my brain.

Once in a lifetime.


  1. funny that, this song has long been an anthem for me especially during times of turmoil and adversity.

  2. You may find yourself living in a shotgun shack !!!!!!!!!!!!