Thursday, 21 March 2013

Private Health and Insurance(4)

The blackmail was at first subtle, very subtle and I did not even realize it was taking place, but once it had begun the screws got ever tighter and tighter. I was most probably handpicked, a perfect target. Yes a perfect target carefully selected and hunted down.

Thank goodness the doctor arrived then, my mind was drifting off into negative thought. The pain continued to grow the pressure of my wetsuit pushing down on my shoulders became a torture, a weird pain, a new pain, a burning pain. Millions of burning needles being pushed into me, every single nerve ending on fire.

Things speeded up the lady doctor was good, she made things happen. Hundreds of questions, x rays, she kept me actively engaged in what was going on, she kept me positive but I could hear the concern in her voice. When she returned with the x rays her tone was serious it was bad, worse than even I had thought.

I needed to go to Port Elizabeth, nothing could be done for me here. She had called the neurosurgeon he would be waiting, she pleaded for me not to go to the public hospital, but rather to go to the private hospital in Port Elizabeth. I had 3 different insurance policies, no problem, I was covered. It would take a little over an hour from Humansdorp to Port Elizabeth in the ambulance with my same driver who never for a moment had left my side.

I could not see her but I am sure she smiled as she pushed the needle into my right shoulder and said to the ambulance driver, take him to St George´s !!!!!!!.

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