Monday, 22 April 2013

Garvies Beach (4)

The Garvies pipe was everything to us, our symbol, our rock, never changing, always there.

It saw it all. The girls we dragged up the pipe into the chamber under the car park. I once managed to convince both Super Moo and Minnie Mouse that they both needed to see the marvels that were in store for them up the pipe. It witnessed Thomas ride his racing bike off the end into the high spring tide shore break. We were standing on it one fine dawn morning when Lofty drove down onto the beach with his XT 500 we were still just grommets, he waxed up his board in front of us, then walked down onto the beach swearing and beat the living daylights out of every single fisherman on the beach before paddling out still swearing like a mad man. It watched as they tore up our car park and tried to build 21 duplex houses on our beach, it watched with glee as we stopped that little evil plot. It watched us go off to the army, it watched us pray for surf. It stood strong and silent as we painted it with huge big white letters so as to leave no doubt “Don’t Live Here, Don’t Surf Here” 

It watched us grow from grommets to men, it watched us go from learning to stand to getting barreled off our heads, it watched us fight, it watched us love. It saw it all.

We have gone, spread out all over the world, only Greg remains faithfull to the end.

It stands there today unchanged, our symbol, our rock, never changing, always there.

Vimeo version if youtube is blocked.


  1. Greg the keeper of the GARVIES gate!!!!

  2. Greg, true strandloper of OUR BEACH.