Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Jeffreys Bay 1981.

1981 was a big year that is for sure. The summer of 1980/81, we went to Jeffreys Bay for the very first time.

It’s a long drive south from Durban to J bay, a 1000km and 11hours in the back seat with Troy in the 3 litre Ford Cortina station wagon. It’s a good drive, down the Natal south coast to Port Shepstone then up into the Natal highlands and Kokstad and into the Transkei, to Umtata. That bit I had done a thousand times before going camping with my grandfather ever since I could remember. But onto East London, back inland to King Williamstown, down to the coast again seeing the Sundays River and the huge sand dunes. Then Port Elizabeth and another hour to J bay. The whole way Joe Jackson, Police and Bob Marley blaring out of the tape deck speakers and my excitement growing with every kilometer we got closer.

We actually stayed in St Francis Bay, right in the centre near the beach, in a big house for the two weeks we were there and only went into J bay a few days later.

The road from Humansdorp to St Francis was still a dirt road and had the most amazing dips and humps on the last long stretch into Seal Point, like a huge roller coaster. Seal Point itself has hardly changed the bay has a lot more houses but the actual last bit of road into and around Seal Point is exactly the same.

It was a stunning hot summers day the very first time I saw her, we drove around the corner mid- morning, the south westerly offshore was blowing lightly and a set was charging down the point as I got my first glimpse of perfection. It was high tide the water was emerald green and it was like seeing your dreams come true right before your eyes.

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