Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Morphine Memories 1 (9)

Shit! she was friends with Blue Eyes and Big Tits, I jumped down off the stage, managed to rescue most of my clothes, shoved the notes I had stashed in my underwear into my pocket, quickly got dressed and walked over to Peth as if nothing had happened. Everyone was laughing hysterically as Berto tried to get naked and the bouncers pulled him off the stage and out the back.

I looked at her, walked up and said let`s go, she said ok and we left.

We walked the streets talking, the Pukas Renaut Espace was still cruising around like some kind of ghostly phantom. I wanted to see her again, we sat in the park, and before we knew it the sun was rising, everyone had disappeared and I was stranded in Ferrol. She walked me to the taxi rank, pushed me in a taxi and told the driver to take me back to Pantin.

The taxi driver was jabbering away the whole trip but I had half passed out in the back seat, I grabbed some of the crumpled notes I still had in my underwear, paid him and opened the door to my Kombi. The moment I crawled in she hit me and started yelling like a mad thing. Jesus Christ what the hell was going on?

I had forgotten all about the girl handcuffed to the bed, what the hell was she still doing here ? She was still sitting there handcuffed to the bed and had pissed her pants. 

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