Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Morphine Memories 1 (8)

Things went downhill pretty fast from there. It was packed, more and more people poured into the club, our group was growing by the minute. I have no idea how or why the owner of the club came over and ordered us all another round of drinks, he started talking to Peth who was by now hardly able to stand and was drooling all over Big Tits.

One minute we were all in the mosh pit, going berserk and the next we were on the stage, the owner was mumbling something to me and was handing me  notes of cash. I had no idea what the hell was going on, Berto said to me dance, just dance, dance, dance.

Berto who at the best of times was a bit creepy was the one who started it. The stage had a kind of walkway, so like a bunch of dancing monkeys, we started dancing. The crowd was loving it and then all of a sudden went wild. I turned around to see Berto had started to rip his clothes off, I had no choice but to do the same.

I suppose there is a first time for pretty much everything in life and this was the first time I had literally hundreds of crazy screaming girls at my feet and they were shoving more notes of cash at us. The rest of our group were literally rolling around on the floor laughing, it was pretty hilarious. We were down to our underpants and people were stuffing money into them, it was one of the most bizarre situations ever.

I looked over at Peth and Big Tits and there she was, standing with our group talking to Blue Eyes staring right at me. For some reason she was the only person in the club who was not laughing.

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