Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Politics and Sport 1981.

At the time we did not know it was the beginning of the end.

It was still pitch dark when I walked down to Wades house with my board, it was blowing South West and we were going to watch the rugby then go into town for a surf.

The Springboks were on tour in New Zealand, it was a strong team and they were going to win the test series, it was tied at one test each. The Springbok team was amazing, Naas, Ray, Gerrie, unbeatable.

We sat there early in the morning dumbfounded at what we were seeing, flower bombs, rioting, and a last minute penalty that won the test series for the All Blacks.

We went into town and surfed, to lose like that hurt. Not in our wildest dreams could we imagine that morning we would not see the Springboks play again for another decade.

Politics and sport were as of that moment joined hand in hand and being a South African trying to compete at anything anywhere in the world was going to become a nightmare.

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