Monday, 29 April 2013

Private Health and Insurance continued (2)

Eventually my mother arrived and things started to move forward at last, she had been told what had happened while I was still on the beach and had gone and got my phone and wallet up at the house on the hill.

While she was harassing the nurse at reception another nurse was asking me to fill in a set of forms. I am not quite sure if she was a retard or just did not notice I was tied to a stretcher and was in no able state to be filling out any forms. However she insisted and eventually wrote down all the information she wanted herself. As soon as she left, the nurse who had been talking to my mom came over and asked me to fill out all the same forms again. That was enough I lost the plot and started a morphine driven verbal tirade at the surprised hospital staff. I was drugged up to the eyebrows and in a hell of a lot of pain and she was asking me to fill out a set of forms I had just finished filling out, I heard Glenn giggling somewhere as my mom  desperately tried to calm me down.

The nurse had maxed out my 3 credit cards and was explaining I had 10 days of hospital care paid for but would need to negotiate a private deal on any treatment received by any doctors or surgeons and was now asking me to sign the credit card slips, JESUS, this was like a Monty Python skit.

Just when I thought things could not get any worse another nurse came up to me and asked if I could fill out a set of forms before I could be admitted to a ward.

I could hear Glenn now laughing hysterically somewhere as I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and seriously wondered if it would not have been better if George had not arrived in time and had just left me floating face down back at Tubes, it seemed like a lifetime ago.

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  1. Seguro que era una enfermera sudafricana.....? No sería Esperanza Aguirre...?