Sunday, 28 April 2013

Private Health and Insurance Continued.

When you are having a bad day they normally only get worse, today was going to be no different.

I had been lying in my wetsuit for about five hours by the time we eventually got to the hospital in Port Elizabeth I was freezing cold and the pain was getting out of control again. The silver foil space blanket was not keeping me warm and even though it seems impossible the feeling of it touching my shoulders was causing me a lot of pain and was driving me crazy.

I was wheeled into the reception of St Georges and the second part of my bad day began.  

The nurse asked me for my health insurance policy number, which of course lying tied to a stretcher, head bashed open, neck broken, paralyzed arms and legs in your wetsuit, no identification, wallet or telephone, the last thing you would ever remember is what your insurance policy number is. However until you supply said information or pay in cash, you can moan all you like and you will still remain outside tied to your stretcher.

Full of blood, sea sand, in a wetsuit and absolutely no way in the world will you be let into a ward and be seen by the doctor who is waiting to see you. Yes my day was definitley not getting any better.

“Viva” the private health system.

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