Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Bluff.

If you ask someone from the Bluff where they come from they will never ever say they are from Durban, the answer will be the same every time “The Bluff” the response again is always the same, “ Rough and Tough and you come from the Bluff”, to which your reply is a simple “Of Course”. My family have lived on the Bluff for generations and it will always be home.

The Bluff is a narrow peninsular of land that sticks out into the Indian Ocean on the south side of the Durban harbour and obviously is in Durban. People from the Bluff don’t consider themselves to be from Durban. We just feel that we are different, as of course we are. “A breed apart on the other side of Durban”

There is pretty much only one way in and one way out to and from the Bluff and it has some of the best waves you can ever imagine, it holds the NE wind pretty well which is direct onshore on the main Durban beaches. Localism at all the Bluff beaches has always been a thing and they have been fiercely protected for a long time. North to South the main beaches are Garvies, Ansteys, Cave Rock, Brighton and Treasure, with huge spaces of empty breaks in between. It is an empty paradise of waves, fishing, diving and all the good important things in life. The Bluff is never flat it gets every bit of North and South swell the Indian Ocean can muster.

More than half the area of the Bluff is made up of military area on the Northern end and was home to the elite Recce divisions of the SADF. I lived on the Northern side of the Bluff, my primary school was a few hundred metres away and the nearest beach to home was 


  1. Don't live here ..... don't surf here ....

  2. leland johnston17 April 2013 at 10:10

    no truer word said clyde, once a bluff scruff, always a bluff scruff.

  3. I remember selling you your first board Leland, I think it was the first thing I ever sold. You and your mom came to my house in Gray Park road.


  5. I left the Bluff to get work. Always been sorry. I still love the place, and it will always be "home" even tho I've been gone 35 years.