Monday, 6 May 2013

Morphine Memories Two (5)

BB had my parents terrified she was a walking time bomb. I came home one day to find in big black letters stuck to my bedroom door 
“Thy shall not fornicate here”
 they stared bleakly over me every time I closed my bedroom door, it did not help however she was just an absolute maniac and I loved it.

My dad had a “Bakkie” a truck and I always had to sit in the back as my brother, sister mom and dad all squeezed into the front and I had to sit in the back. We used to drive down to south coast to visit my grandparents every weekend and BB would come along. It was a 30-40 min drive and we would come home in the evening in the dark and she would have sex with me in the back of the Bakkie in plain sight of everyone, if they looked backwards. We were literally only 10cm away from my whole family. She had no fear and the more terrified I was the better the sex was.

When she eventually left me for one of my friends at the beach who had a motorbike I was devastated, but it was the best thing that could ever have happened, she was like a daily game of Russian roulette, it was only a question of time before I took a hit. 25 years later in France my luck finally ran out and I eventually had to deal with a bullet in the chamber.

I at last found a perfect girlfriend and could go about trying to have a normal, safe, loving relationship. BUT when MM looked at me that morning in Joburg with that unmistakable glint in her eye, the rush of adrenaline was unstoppable.

We had had the best day at the Shareworld complex, the wave was absolute junk, but was a challenge to surf, after all it was a competition and none of us were there for the money we all wanted to win. The first day was just practice and the beers were flowing by the afternoon and by the time we got back to the hotel everyone was in the mood to party. We were up in Herbies room and we had free room service, it was chaos, flaming Sambuca`s, Crayfish sandwiches, Champagne, whiskies, beers, we had it all, then we decided we needed to go for a surf in the fountain. Saurus who was at the time a devout Christian that night became a punk rocker. MM arrived and saved me from doing something drastic as I was from the Bluff and by defect had to be the most radical and outrageous.

Maid Marian the next few nights showed me she was by far the most radical and outrageous.

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