Monday, 20 May 2013

Morphine Memories Three (2)

Herbie, had written me a letter from Portugal in 89. Yep a letter, written with a pen on a piece of paper, that arrived in an envelope with exotic looking stamps in the post a few weeks after being written. In no uncertain terms he told me to get my arse over to Europe as soon as possible, he wrote it sitting at Supertubos after a 6ft session in perfect left hand barrels, just him and a few other guys competing on the new EPSA Pro Tour in Europe. We had become really good friends while competing against each other at the SA champs and on the SA Pro tour.

That letter was a game changer, the words jumped off the page and sunk into my brain. I decided right then, I would be there for the 1990 season.

Three years later in 93, I was veteran on the EPSA, was about to finish the year 5th on the European ratings and had a goddess siting in my van. In the 10 years since I first went in to the army in 84 till that moment, I felt as if I had lived a lifetime, things had moved so fast.

Surfing was pretty big back in the 80`s in South Africa, it was a school sport, surfing clubs were all over the place and interclub contests were huge. I started surfing for Quick Motion surf club at Snake Park in town, but moved to North Swell at Dairy after a year or two, literally there would be a contest on every weekend in town. At the time North Swell was the strongest surf club in South Africa and to make the North Swell A team was huge, especially if you were from the Bluff.

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