Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Morphine Memories Three (10)

I honestly have spent many hours thinking about how we all changed doing our National Military service, when we finished we did some crazy stuff. Bad stuff, funny stuff, just plain weird stuff, it just did not matter. No matter how hard we pushed the limits, it never even came close to the real life experiences we had to endure a few years earlier. No matter what we did it just did not seem to matter.

Not for a second am I implying we were angels before. We were naughty little shits, it was an innocent mischief, but that changed.
Having a dump on the cupboard of the hotel, did not even raise a moral question at the time, they wanted to screw me and not give me a breakfast I had paid for, well, take a big shit in your cupboard, see if I care.

Obviously the rest of the world did not quite see it that way and when the cleaning lady came in to make up the room, the proverbial shit really did hit the fan.

I had climbed down off the cupboard, gone to my room had a shower packed my bags and left for the airport, oblivious to the carnage I had left behind.

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