Monday, 20 May 2013

Morphine Memories Three (3)

Herbie lived in East London “ Slummies”  and had bragged about the Gonubie Classic as being an all time contest, where the parties were way more fun than the actual competition. So when the North Swell surf club sent the A team to compete, I was stoked, the Slummies girls had an amazing reputation and Gonubie an even better reputation for being wild.

The club organized everything and we checked into the Gonubie Hotel right on the point, the opening function was there and it was straight into party mode. Girls were everywhere and outnumbered the guys at least 2 to 1. The plan was always the same, find the best one possible, for some reason the sexiest girls kind of get left out, and go in for the kill. No hesitation.

I honestly cannot remember her name, but she was blond and very cute. We went for a walk outside and were making out on the wooden walkway that went towards the river mouth, where the contest was going to be the next day. 

If I had known her father would be hunting me down in a few hours time, I would have just walked away and gone to bed like everyone else who was competing the next day, but she was a very insistent young lady and I just loved that.

Why East London is called Slummies.

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