Monday, 27 May 2013

Morphine Memories Three (8)

I would amazingly hear that exact same phrase again later that same year at the Beach Hotel Cabanas in Jeffreys Bay, but that’s another story, this time it was not funny at all. I made the fastest eject off the roof you could ever imagine. I jumped into the hedge with my pants still around my ankles, fell into the next doors yard and made an escape.

Jockey underpants and shotgun, gave chase, but I was way too fast, they had taught us well in the army. I took the long route back to the hotel but knew this was far from over. He would be back and hunting me down again the next day. I would be spending the rest of the weekend, running down from the hotel to surf my heats and hiding out in my room.

I used to have a big Jockey underwear poster as a grom of Shaun Tomson in a perfect backdoor barrel on my bedroom wall. I loved that poster and had to wear Jockey underpants when I was a boy.

To this day I have never ever, ever worn a pair of Jockey underpants again.

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