Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Morphine Memories Three (9)

I never saw her or Jockey underpants and shotgun ever again and it was a relief. Unfortunately it was far from over and Sunday was going to be another strange day in Gonubie.
My brother Troy was there as well with the North Swell junior team, we all had to share double rooms, Troy was in another room down the passage way, but I was not sure which one it was.

I had made it through all my heats and was in the first quarter final heat of the morning at 8am on Sunday morning. I was down early for a practice surf but lost and was out of the contest with an equal 5th. I watched a few more heats and slowly walked back to the hotel for the huge big delux buffet breakfast, which I missed in the morning as I did not want to surf on a full stomach.

I got back to the hotel just before 10 and went into the dining room, but they had stopped serving breakfast already and were clearing up. I was starving and was looking forward to stuffing my face, when they told me I was too late I was furious. Breakfast was included and it was open till 10am, I complained to the manager but to no avail and was barred from breakfast.
When I went up to my room I was not a happy camper, I felt doubly ripped off, first in my heat then by the hotel and breakfast.

I am not quite sure what went through my head at that moment, but I was busting for a big morning shit, so I walked into a room on the same floor as mine, climbed onto the top of the nice wooden bedroom cupboard and took a huge dump.

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