Thursday, 2 May 2013

Morphine Memories Two (2)

Robin called me and told me about the event, we all thought he was talking about J Bay, not Joburg. I had no idea what the hell he was talking about but I was going no matter where it was. Saurus, Robin, Hooded, DH, Spowy, Herbie and Waddle were the lucky 8 on our way inland. It was going to be a big media event with TV and heaps of mainstream journalist covering the opening of the multi million Rand water park complex.

Saurus and myself drove up with Robin in his van, I hated that drive as I had hitchhiked that road a thousand times when I was doing my basic training in the SADF in Pretoria in 84. Of course we got a puncture halfway there, which was no real problem until we discovered Robin did not bother to carry a spare tyre. So I grabbed the punctured wheel and set off on foot towards Heidelberg to get it fixed so we could make it to Joburg before the contest was over.

We finally arrived into downtown busy early morning traffic in our van with surfboards strapped to the roof, totally lost and asking for directions to the beach. People were not amused surfers are not too welcome in the Transvaal we are seen to be a bunch of beach bum drug addicts, which of course is not too far from the truth.

After driving down a few one way streets and causing a few traffic jams we found our way to the hotel. When we walked in with our bags and surfboards, we did cause a bit of a scene. Bare feet, full of grease from the punctured wheel, no shirts and surfboards. A bit of a change from the rest of the suited businessmen waiting to check in.

MM had the biggest sexiest smile you can image when she started checking us in, she was from Capetown she knew what was going on. I just had to try and asked her what she was doing when she finished her shift. If there is one thing I had learnt in life it is 


That afternoon her and her friends arrived at Shareworld and were our VIP guests, things had just taken a twist for the better.

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