Friday, 3 May 2013

Morphine Memories Two (3)

I am not really sure when I first became hooked on the thrill. I suppose it began with BB my first girlfriend, she had me in her spell, the spell only your first real girlfriend can have over you. The spell of sex and adrenaline, it had us both in its hooks.

I was doomed the moment my first sexual experience was a foursome and I was only 13. Thomas was my best friend and he was way ahead of me at 13, he was by far the naughtiest friend you could ever have. One day Thomas, myself and two girls from down the road all got naked and things have never quite been the same since. I came home that afternoon and was in big trouble, it looked as if I had been attacked by a vampire, I had so many love bites all over me. No ways could I hide them all.

We never had sex that day that came shortly after with BB on the centre spot of the rugby field of the Dirkie Uys High School right in front of our house on the Bluff one night. I wish I could say it was good, weird is the best description I can think of. I heard a sound and looked over my shoulder to see the big Zulu school guard standing over us watching, we ran off screaming, our pants around our ankles terrified.

However BB was not to be deterred and just loved pushing the limits, that mix of sex, fear and adrenaline had us both in its hooks, right from day one, Jesus what a start.

My friends did not like BB, she had power over me. The power only sex can produce and she used it like a pro, she loved to play games and wrapped me around her finger at her will. Her absolute favourite game was to have sex in front of people in plain sight. It became an obsession for both of us really, a risky game that we both loved.

It did not last long we went our own ways after a few years, but right from the start I was addicted to the rush. I became a player before I even knew what that was. The funny thing was no one ever really knew, not even I knew until it was too late and by then it was unstoppable.

The moment I saw Maid Marian with her big smile and knowing look, I knew it was basically just a question of how long it took. Little did I know it was her who was going to be schooling me that weekend.

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