Sunday, 5 May 2013

Morphine Memories Two (4)

I thought that I had things pretty much under control, BB and I had pushed the limits we loved the risk. We had sex after school on the stair well at the high school down the road, the same one as the rugby field and Zulu guard, we could clearly see the rugby team working out in the gym, obviously they could see us as well and one day they had a trap set and caught us. We ran through the school putting our clothes back on laughing like mad things, of course we went back and did it again the next day.

The greater the chance of getting caught the more exciting it became. When her mom would get up and go make a cup of tea in the kitchen, she would jump on me on the couch and then jump back off as her mom came back down the passage, her elder sister knew what was going on her room was just across the passage way and she could see us, but that just made it better. However the front door opened right into the lounge and there were no warning footsteps and no margin for error. Of course her father came home early one day and caught us, he was pretty drunk and was so surprised he did not even react, thank goodness the next day he had forgotten all about it. I suppose he must have thought it was just too impossible to be true. She soon got bored with her house and her parents which I was fine with, but when she started at my house, then it got hectic.
Under no circumstances could MM be seen with any of the guests at the hotel never mind be up in their rooms, that was absolutely forbidden. So when she came up to my room via the back stairwell that night, with a bottle of Champagne on ice, the fact it was against the rules brought back all those memories and just made it seem so much more exciting.

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