Thursday, 9 May 2013

Morphine Memories Two (8)

She left early in the morning, she was back on duty at reception. I almost ran down to breakfast, I just had to tell the rest of the crew about all the new tricks I had been taught. I guess it’s a guy thing, you got to let the rest of the boys know. A bit of bondage and a few well placed ice blocks can make all the difference.

I lost to Spowy that afternoon, not that it mattered much, she came back down to the contest and brought a few more friends, Hooded won the contest and the party was on back at the hotel again that night. I am not quite sure what the organisers were thinking giving us free room service tabs, the boys were on fire and the drunker we got the more out of hand things became.

MM once again came and saved me and dragged me off to my room, much to the rest of the guys amusement.

I was tied to the bed when the knock on the door sounded, I knew it was the guys messing around so we just ignored it, the door was locked. There were two more knocks and all of a sudden the door opened and in walked the room service waiter with a trolley full of ice buckets and the sound of hilarious laughter of the boys running away down the passage. There was a kind of awkward silence as he took a look at MM who was very naked on top of me tied to the bed. He politely said here is the ice you ordered and said goodnight to MM and walked out.

The next morning we left back for Durban and she was fired.

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