Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Morphine Memories Two.

Johannesburg Summer 1988.

I met Maid Marian in Johannesburg of all places she worked in the reception of the Sandton Sun, one of South Africa´s best 5 star hotels. I had been invited to take part in an exhibition surf contest at the brand new Shareworld Water Park complex that was opening in Johannesburg, it had Africa´s very first artificial wave pool and myself and 7 other surfers had been invited to come up to Joburg and take part in the opening festivities and surf in the very first inland surfing contest in Africa.

She had curly blonde red hair, freckles and was sooooooo cute, I had a thing for red heads ever since I had seen this really abstract movie when I was just a grom at the morning 10am matinee at the Playhouse in Smith St, Durban when I was about 12. It was called the Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob and had this amazingly sexy red head in it or at least she seemed to be at that time.

Actually that’s not quite true I have always had a thing for Brunettes, with the redhead thing a long way behind. Anyway thats besides the point MM was very sexy and we were 8 surfers 600 km away from the ocean on an all expenses paid holiday in the best hotel in town and the shitty one foot chlorine foamies we had to surf were the last thing we had on our minds.

We went on a rampage, the next few days changed some people`s lives forever. 

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