Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Private Health and Insurance Cont (5)

While it took me about 2 seconds to work at which option I would be choosing, unfortunately I had in the bed next to me some poor soul who had completely lost the plot. Apparently he was a priest.
I could not see him just listen to his uncontrolled ramblings. I had absolutely no idea what was his problem, surely he should have been in a mental patients ward. He could not make any kind of sense, just random words in no orderly manner what so ever came out of his mouth. I know I should not have laughed, but it was my only entertainment. The nurse would come and ask him if he was ok, if he wanted some tea, the answers were always the same, just random words, with a lot of profanities thrown into the mix.

“Hello father, would you like a cup of afternoon tea “
“Red, fuck, apple, shit, cock “

Would be his reply, it was just too much. He had a few elderly ladies come and visit him, later I learned they were from his church, they inevitably left in tears after one of his tirades. My Brother had arrived from Cape Town to spend a few days at my bedside and keep me company, I had to ask him what the hell was going on with the guy in the bed next to me. I was not even sure if it was even real, had he had a brain op. He had yet to witness one of his scenes. He looked at him and said no, he has a broken leg, why ?

Apparently he went into theater fine and when he came out of the anesthetic the wires in his brain just did not connect up properly again.

I had already decided that money was not a priority, I just wanted to be able to walk out of the hospital as soon as possible, if the surgeon had asked me to hand over my house and everything I owned I would have agreed no problem at all.

I just could not help but wonder if the church had chosen the cheap option for the poor guy next to me.

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