Monday, 13 May 2013

Private Health and Insurance Cont (4)

What are the odds of ever seeing her again, almost unthinkable, but she found me. That’s when the moral dilemma’s began.

She had gone back to Cape Town and actually was way happier back near the ocean, she wanted to come up to Durban and hang out, that scared the shit out of me, what would my girlfriend think about that. Nothing good that’s for sure.

4 Feb 2009.

Just as I was about to get into the very serious process of what the hell I was going to do, the nurse slowly woke me up.

The surgeons had arrived and were arguing on either side of the bed, I could not see them at all. The traction was working. Feeling had come back slowly but surely into my right leg, then left leg, right arm and lastly my left arm. It was still weird, not quite right and they were arguing what they should do. The orthopedic surgeon was over it, he said the bone damage was too substantial to fix, the loss of bone volume of the vertebrae being squashed together could not be fixed. The neurosurgeon was of the other opinion and wanted to operate. This went on for a week, every day I would go off for more x rays, MRI scans, more x rays and more scans. They would come back and have a good heated discussion in Afrikaans, I am sure they thought I could not understand a word they were saying, it´s kind of unnerving hearing specialist doctors talk about your future as if you were not even there, especially when you can feel them next to you but can´t see them, they would check the x rays and scans, then just go away, leaving me more and more confused and worried.

In the end only the neurosurgeon came back and said he wanted to operate, he needed to rearrange the 8 damaged vertebrae and place two titanium prosthesis at the C3 and C4 level.

He kindly explained he could do three different procedures depending on the amount of money I wanted to spend, obviously the cheapest option being the least effective and the most expensive being the option he suggested.

He had written up the 3 different quotations for me to have a look at and think about.

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