Monday, 3 June 2013

Morphine Memories Three (12)

Mouse was a big man, I mean a really big man and he was angry, he wanted blood.

He was the president of North Swell surf club and had arranged everything for us, the buck stopped with him. The cleaning lady did not take long to find the big ugly turd on top of the cupboard. Piss had dribbled down the inside panels and formed a puddle on the floor, so it was not hard to follow the trail upwards towards that terrible smell.

By chance it happened to be my brother`s room and his cupboard that became the focus of all the attention for some strange reason. I had already left but the rest of the team were driving back and were left to face the music which was playing very loud about the time I was boarding my flight back to Durban.

When they got back to Durban all the juniors were interrogated by Mouse, no one admitted a thing. Of course they did`nt they were all innocent. Troy went down and took the fall he was banned from North Swell and North Swell was in turn banned from the Gonubie Hotel for ever and ever.

No one ever found out who laid that turd. I was back at Garvies, back on the Bluff, away from the drama in town.

Just another Bluff action going unpunished and there were a lot more to come.

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