Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Beginning (1)

I know there are no answers to the questions I have asked myself a million times, I know this but I keep searching for the answers.

Why did he die and I live?

We were sitting right next to each other surely it should have been me. I was the one with the near fatal injuries after the first impact. He was fine, just a broken arm.

Why did Lieutenant Le Roux come to my aid and not his, he could have been moved much easier than me?

What were any of us even doing there, forced to be part of a 30 year war that ultimately served no purpose against enemies that are now friends?

What are the odds on me having just a week before finished a first aid lifesaving course, which gave me the skills to take lifesaving instant decisions?

I know there are no answers but I still keep asking.

Why ?

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