Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Beginning (2)

It all happened so fast. One minute we were happy, laughing on our way home, the next, broken, bleeding and dying.

I had no idea what had actually happened, the impact threw me forward onto my hands and knees. I felt nothing but could not breathe, all the air had been forced out of my lungs and I could not move at all.

I had never been really hurt before, little things, a broken arm, a few cuts a few stitches but nothing drastic. I immediately knew deep down inside this was different. I knew I was badly hurt, there was no pain, but I could see it in the faces of the people around me and for the first time I noticed everything was moving in slow motion, both sound and vision became stretched.

I was confused but at the same time saw everything crystal clear. Lt Le Roux was there straight away, it was chaotic but in the chaos he was there. For some reason we just knew what to do, first I needed to breath, the feeling of being oxygen starved on dry land is not pleasant, but for some reason it did not worry me at the time. The look on Lt Le Roux face was way more worrying, he was looking at my back and I heard him swearing.

I finally managed to gasp a breath but with it came the first spears of pain and blood, I started coughing up blood and it hurt to breath, I knew that meant ribs and lungs but that wasnt the problem the searing pain came from my back.

I had my surfboard with me, my trusty Graham Smith twin fin and that day it saved my life.

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