Monday, 17 June 2013

The Beginning (3)

The first impact had been brutal but it was the second that was deadly.

My surfboard was lying right next to me in the back of the truck. I was frozen and could not move, Lt Le Roux slowly managed to get it under me like a stretcher and lifted me out of the truck and set me down on the road side.

I still was trying to assimilate what was going on, what had happened, how badly was I hurt, everything was moving so slowly. The moment I touched the floor out of harm`s way, that was when all hell broke loose.

The noise was terrifying, screeching, squealing, crunching, grinding and buckling metal as the whole messy mass of our vehicle somehow miraculously only inches from my face moved up the road as if by magic.

Waves of pain had begun to engulf me, I know I was moaning, but it was nothing compared to the screams of pain and panic that were about to start.

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