Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Beginning (8)

Corporal Steinfaart was our instructor, he was a pretty good guy, he was just another young kid getting through his 2 years, it was the Sergeants and Sergeant Majors who were the heartless bastards. They were permanent army men and their mission was to make us ready to fight and die.

Thinking back it`s pretty horrifying to think they could actually kill 4% of us in training before any questions were asked, they were acceptable losses. From our platoon one of us could die in the next 6 months and not an eyebrow would be raised.

Training was not that tough actually, I guess for the guys who were not fit and came from a soft life it must have been hell, but years of getting thrashed at Garvies and surfing everyday made it easier for sure. The tough part was all in the head, I had never been away from the ocean for such a long time and the fact we were locked up away from everything and everyone we knew was the hardest part. I quickly learnt to become invisible and to get through each day one at a time.

Never be the best and never be the worst was my rule, finish in the middle at everything, become invisible, never first, never last.     

I knew I could have won most of the races and fitness tests if I wanted, I knew my time would come and when it did, I would be ready to take those fuckers down.

Never fight the system, use it.

Another life lesson burnt into my brain.

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  1. Tracy Cornelius2 July 2013 at 18:19

    Glad you're documenting your experiences.