Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Beginning (11)

No one died in our training intake, but the rumours were always floating around about the guy who committed suicide on the intake before ours in the showers, the guy who shot himself while standing guard one night.

It was the accidents that would be the culprit of most training deaths. Johnny put a bullet into the tree next to me one night while we were standing guard, it was freezing cold and we were shivering and bored stiff, the 3rd hour was always the worst, the end and a warm bed seemed still so far away.

There was a real threat of being attacked on guard at night the ANC was very active by 1984, we were instructed on how to handle our weapons handed live ammunition and sent out to defend our base camp in the middle of the minus 4 degrees winter Pretoria nights.

Only Johnny knows why he cocked his Rifle pointed at me and pulled the trigger. I know he was messing around but the bullet thudded into the tree right next to my head.

We were in big big big trouble, I got off as I was the one who got shot at, Johnny was not so lucky he got a solid chunk of time in DB (detention barracks).

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