Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Beginning (Wayno)

I first saw Wayno in the mad scramble to find a bunk mate on that first day of basic training back in 84, he was from Durban, blonde and we just seemd destined to be together. We never ever had a drama , we were there for each other 100% we cruised through those tough days, he was on the top bunk I had the bottom. We stuck togther through thick and thin, we were untouchable.

Fate works in strange ways, we are friends for life, in 6 months we forged a bond that can never be broken, when we finished army we all went our own ways, I did not see Wayno much I was in Europe, but on the biggest emotional decision I ever made in 1993, ten years after we first met. After not seeing Wayno for years, he was the first person I saw, sitting on the wall at Snake Park beach.

Of all the people in the world to see that day at that exact moment it was Wayno. The perfect person to have a chat to at such an important time , at that exact moment, it was him, who was just sitting there on the wall as if he was divinely sent to be there to help me through those few dramatic moments.

I had had just taken the single most important call of my life and Wayno was the first person to know.

He has kindly written a few words and will be the first person to have a some space on The Tokolosh Diaries.

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