Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Beginning (16)

We would get slapped around at the beach when we were groms, there was always the odd scuffle at school, but the first real fight I ever saw was in the Margate hotel and it was hectic.

We were just young grommets and we went the 200km down the south coast to Banana Beach to stay in the caravan park, surf and go into Margate and cause trouble every night. There were a lot of us all between 15 and 18 and all from Grosvenor Boys High school and we were all pretty naughty, it wasn’t long before we were banned from the caravan park and the Margate hotel.

I honestly cannot remember how or why the fight started but it was always the same, the town was packed to the seams with up country holiday makers and lots and lots of lovely Afrikaans girls and big Afrikaans guys who did not like the surfers running amock with their girls, even though the girls certainly liked us running amock with them.

I was never a fighter, I was there for the surf and the girls, Leroy and Jack were the fighters but they were young then, the older guys like Troll were heavy bastards and just frothed at the thought of a good fight to end off a good day at the beach.

That night we destroyed the hotel, the fight got completely out of hand, way worse than any wild west movie bar fight scene. It was the first time I saw Leroy in action, he must have been 15 then and he was just on a mission, breaking bottles, chairs and tables on people´s heads, everyone was doing the same thing pretty much but Leroy was on a special mission he was just in a crazed frenzy.

It was then I knew Leroy was a masochist.

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