Monday, 9 September 2013

The Beginning (17)

That fight kind of set the tone for all the others that followed, it was always all or nothing.

The police arrived the bar was destroyed, somehow none of us were even hurt, we were all rounded up and put into the back of the SAP (South African Police ) van in the cage at the back, I had heard about what was coming next. The police officers leave the spare tyre loose in the back then drive you all around for a few hours with the tyre bouncing around smashing into everyone and causing huge damage to everyone inside. Then they would drive you miles away into the middle of nowhere and just dump you there.

We were all fucked, it was going to be the tyre treatment or straight into the police station and get charged and our parents called and then the real shit would hit the fan.

The Troll took charge and stepped forward as the oldest in charge. He was drunk as a skunk and was one of the main culprits of the whole scene that had just gone down. He called out to the officer in charge and said in a very drunken slur.

“But OSSIFER we just came here for a nice quiet little fight and now look what´s happened”

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