Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Beginning (18)

All or nothing was how it was going to have to be.

I was outweighed, out reached, out gunned by a mile, I was the smallest guy to volunteer by about 20kg. I nearly did not get to fight that night, there was no one my size to fight, so I ended up fighting the next smallest guy, but he was huge compared to me, at least he seemed so at the time.

It was a pretty big deal fight night. All the top brass were there in full dress uniforms, medals, ribbons, wives and girls dressed up it was the whole shooting match. A full size pro ring was installed and it looked like something from a Don King fight night, it was awesome. The walk down the aisle to the ring was just spectacular everyone was just roaring. I fought first the opening bout, the hall was going ape shit. I had Greeny in my corner he was a black belt karate and a pro golfer and he ran me through a quick tactical lesson on ring combat, control the centre, keep moving, keep your hands up, keep jabbing, don’t get caught on the ropes, way too much to remember, adrenaline was just pumping through my veins, I wanted to get it on, I wanted to do this, I was focused I was ready.

I kept staring the other guy down, he looked nervous, fuck he was big.

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