Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Beginning (19)

Three minutes is a long time, in the ring 3 minues is a very long time, it is an eternity.

This was the real deal, the ref took us out into the middle told us to have a good clean fight, we touched gloves and it was on.

I took two clean jabs straight in the face before I could even react, I was shaken and only 5 seconds had gone. Jesus this was going to be a disaster. I shook it off and came forward, but I was at least a whole glove length short of reach, he just held me away and kept getting through with sharp jabs. This was hell I was going to go down in the first round.

I dug deep and stepped into his defence and let rip into the body, head down I managed to get some solid bombs into his solar plexis and kidneys. I could hear the air go out of his lungs and see him double up.

 It just came natural, no premedetation at all. I head butted him with all my force and broke his nose clean. Blood poured out of the cut, the ref just lost the plot and gave me a solid warning.

The playing field was now level, surely they never thought I was going to play by the rules. I had come here for a nice quiet fight and now look whats happened.

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