Friday, 13 September 2013

The Beginning (20)

Three minutes lasts forever in the ring.

Its amazing actually, just try stand and move around with your arms up for 3 minutes. Forget the fact you are getting the shit smacked out of you from all sides. After the first few blows I promise you don’t see them coming they just land and you hang on, you fight for breath and you hit back, your arms get heavier and heavier and you just hang on until the bell sounds, and that is only round 1.

I thought I was going to go down in that first round, but the head butt kept me in the fight, it won me time to recover, it kept him away from me, he could see the blood spurting out of his face. The bell rang and I walked back to my corner.

Greeny was shouting at me in the corner, hes killing you, move, move, move, get inside fight inside hes too strong to fight toe to toe, it all just blurred into a noise,

I stared across the ring at him in his corner, he was a bit of a mess, could see a glint of  fear in his eyes ? I felt like I had just had a 2 wave hold down at Garvies and the sets just kept coming. There is always a choice, turn and head for shore or dig deep and paddle back out.

I knew what I had to do.

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