Monday, 16 September 2013

The Beginning (21)

Three more endless minutes.

No headwear protection, no gum guards, just him me and our fists. I knew I was also in a mess, my mouth was cut to ribbons, my gums and lips cut and bleeding, but he just came forward, never ending.

I knew by then I would not go down he had lost the power in his punches, he was done. I felt stronger than him. I could  still win this fight.

I needed to finish on my feet, it was all I concentrated on, the round finished pretty even and we went into the final and third round, we were both hanging on by the end and he could have gone down, I gave it everything I had, but he stayed up on his feet.

The final bell rung and we both stood there in the centre of the ring, the whole hall was going crazy, my platoon were just going bat shit looney, I was a mess, battered and bloody. The ref got the score cards and raised his hand as the winner.
I had lost the fight on points.

Those 9 minutes were huge in my life. The chance came from nowhere and I took it.

Things would never be the same after that.

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