Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Change (1)

Fear forces change,  fear and pain.

It took 8 hours before I made it to the hospital. The longest hours of my life and I´ve had a few long days believe me, but those were by far the worst.

I heard the words that spawned the fear after about an hour. I was still hanging onto my surfboard as if my life depended on it when the doctor walked in after the first brief medical diagnosis and blurted out.

 “Sorry son not much we can do for you here, we need to get you to a proper hospital as soon as possible. You have broken your back and you won´t walk again, it is a very bad fracture dislocation”

The next hours were hell, I guess I will never know why I was not given anything for the pain. I lay face down while my brain raced in a million directions and the pain slowly ate away at my resistance. It was everything the pain, it was a devouring pain, it left nothing untouched and it strangely made me a man, I never realised it then. Of course not, not then, it took years for me to realise it but now I know, it was then.

Fear and pain, they create change. 

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