Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Change.

The Change.

It took exactly five years, five months and eight days for me to feel the fear of real danger again.

Once again I was face down on the floor, within sight of the Plaza de Toros and directly under the gaze of Hemingway. The years had flown by, years of discovery, I had found myself. I had realized that life can be taken in a split second. I needed to live my dreams, not just dream them.

A fine mist of pink aerated blood was being sprayed all over me from the 700kg Toro bravo´s nose and mouth as he panted like a crazed beast only inches from my face. He had just sent Bullo flying through the air as he horned him in the leg near his knee. It was just Bullo and I and this crazed death animal and it wanted to crush, spear and trample us into the ground.

The biggest and most important goal of mine had only just begun a few months earlier and right now my dream was turning into another very real nightmare and I truly felt fear and danger.

It had been a long hard road to recovery, from being told I would never walk or surf again to at last being in Europe on tour, but this was real, the blood splattering onto my face was very real the moans of Bullo on the floor next to me were very real.

I felt the fear and it all came flashing back.

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