Monday, 28 October 2013

Surf, Sex, Violence 85 - 86.

When you go into the army you get a medical classification.

100 % fighting fit was G1 K1 and dead was G 5. After the months in hospital I was transferred back to a military sick bay in Durban to continue my recovery, I really hoped to be given a medical discharge and be sent home, I still had 14 months to go, but once in the army they will never let you go. I went in 10 months earlier with a G1 K1 and I eventually got a G4 K4 medical classification just one step away from being dead !!! and served the rest of my time at Natal Command in Durban.
Natal Command.
This is the big mystery , how I ended up working in the heart of all the drama in the middle of the State Of Emergency, the real tough times of the Zulu uprisings and the Magoos bombing in the Central Operations room with a “ Top Secret “ military clearance I will never know. Actually now I do know but that’s another story.

Things in South Africa were taking a turn for the worse the ANC were more active than ever bombs were going off everywhere, the townships were a hive of violence and action, the border war had come home to the cities and more and more action was right in the streets. More and more soldiers were being sent into the townships to keep the peace and control the situation which was getting more and more out of hand by the day.

I ended up in the middle of all the decision making and worked in the OPS Room, decoding all the secret codes and messages between the top commands and regions during the State of Emergency. I was directly under the command of the Brigadier in charge of the whole of Natals operational force.

Holy shit, what the hell were they thinking all I wanted to do was get fit and go surfing, instead I was in a bunker in the middle of a bunch of lunatics who decided who was going to live and who was going to die.

Once you in the army, you cannot get out !!!

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