Sunday, 3 November 2013

Surf, Sex, Violence 85 - 86 (3)

I cant remember if the Harrinton Rods came out after my birthday or before, but, by pure logic it was after as it was another big surgery to get them out again and, it was my 21st birthday and it had to have been after as no ways could we have done what we did that week if I had just come out of surgery again.

The boys at Garvies were pretty upset at what had happened to me and even though we had had a few little adventures into town on a few raids, the real deal started while I was still in hospital, Leroy and Jack had decided along with the rest of the boys that vengeance would be dealt out with a heavy hand.

The whole situation at Natal Command was just bizarre, I could not wear my full uniform (Browns) for months as the boots were too heavy, so I dressed in an officers uniform but had no rank and worked in a top secret office where access was very restricted. I was treated like royalty as I had direct contact with the Brigadier in command, it was just crazy. I had access to all the top secret documents, I knew we had nuclear arms, I knew we were dealing with the secret service´s of just about the whole western world. I knew way too much for just a guy who wanted to go home and surf, but we were sworn to secrecy and I have never said a single word about what went down in that room and I honestly am not even sure if I ever should.

I got to decipher and decode all the top secret documents and then I would just walk out the front gate go home and go surfing.

I had access to an absolute arsenal of weapons that were stored in the Ops room, it was crazy.

Meanwhile down at Garvies we were becoming untouchable.

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