Monday, 11 November 2013

Surf, Sex, Violence 85 - 86 (5)

The first bomb I ever heard was a few months before I went into the army.

The shock wave of the blast had a clear path across the Durban harbour and hit us on the Bluff a few kilometres away. I was walking up Bushlands Road when the sound hit and could clearly see the smoke from John Ross house in clear view from our house.

The targeting of soft civilian targets had begun.

I wish I could say this was the first and last bomb blast I had to deal with but there were a lot more to come.

Two days before Christmas in 1985 a bomb was detonated in the crowded Sanlam shopping centre in Amanzimtoti, five deaths and 40 injured was the final toll, the war was definitely here to stay and it could hit any place anytime.

Then in June 1986 just down the road from Natal Command and close to home a bomb was detonated at a bar we went to a few times, Leroys ex girlfriend was there that night. Another 3 people died and 69 more were injured. Both these attacks I was on duty in the Ops room, the Magoos Bar bomb I heard like it went off next door. It had targetted people just like me.

There were way worse bombings in other parts of the country but these three I actually was involved in but the one that most affected me was the bomb that went off at my sisters school while she was there. 


  1. I have photos of the guy that set the bomb at the girls school....... that's after it detonated.......... we found his arm at the roundabout above the school... Tony was in the van with me that night....

  2. When that bomb went off at Magoo's i was stood outside the front door of the Tropicana welcoming guests to the hotel, Saw flaming debris blasted over the pool out to the nets off Dairy, then the shock wave and the that moment i knew things had to change.

    1. There is such a heavy twist in this tale, its actually too bizarre to even get there yet, but its coming.