Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Surf, Sex, Violence 85 - 86 (7)

Its kind of amazing how things work out, This was one of the things that really freaked me out, I never said anything, but deep down, this was a changing point.

Like I said yesterday. Fucking Crazy Times.

These few words my sister just sent me, amazing words of forgiveness, I am afraid I find it hard to be so forgiving.

Tamlyn inspiring stuff.

"everyone was like "these fools blew themselves up " - actually they said it in a much more disgusting way - deflecting the possibility that in that final moment when they took stock of what they where about to do - my class room was just a few meters from the bomb - it would have gone off at 8 while we where all standing outside in line for assembly - the glass - which I do remember - we found glass shards for months after in the strangest of places - it would have ripped over 800 people to shreds - yes I think in an unexpected moment of humanity they realized what they where about to do and made a clumsy human mistake - knowing full well that would mean way more than taking our lives ... I actually wrote a speech about this a few years back - all the work I now do is some how a ripple effect of this strange terrifying thing - it's always darkest just before the dawn ! xxx"

We were a small family of friends on the Bluff, JK was on duty that night and he was rushed on site to clean up the mess, here are his few words.

" I have photos of the guy that set the bomb at the girls school....... that's after it detonated.......... we found his arm at the roundabout above the school... Tony was in the van with me that night..".

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