Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Surf, Sex, Violence 85 - 86 (9)

Honestly if I told you what really went on the next few months and years, you just would not believe a word I told you, so it´s most probably best I don’t even go there. Maybe just maybe if by chance this goes any further and gets published these bits will be in the book, this I promise.

They were mad, crazy, fucking times that’s for sure. The boys down at Garvies were on a mission and they were not in the slightest bit scared to cause pain and damage to anyone who dared happen to be in their path.
Anywhere else in the world or at any other time, we all would have been in big, big trouble but we just seemed invincible at the time, almost untouchable. No matter what we did it just went unpunished.

Meanwhile the surf just pumped pretty much every day and I surfed more and more. We slept down at the beach at night we surfed before sunrise we did our duty and we took having fun to the limits of legal and way beyond.

Then in November 85 it was my 21´st birthday party, this was a big date for me and we had a party that to this day is still talked about.


  1. Toga - Toga...... eish what a night that was...... food flying around ... Rob pulling his chick behind the couch in the lounge ha ha ..... lukka night had by all............... tops bru..... i have pics:)

  2. or was it you .......... mmmmm maybe both u fellas.....eih the ous dallad the cherries in those days man ..

  3. I really need those Pics Mr Kruger, and what do you mean by that statement, we would never do any such thing.