Sunday, 24 November 2013

Surf, Sex, Violence 85 - 86 (10)

I suppose it all started way back in Hospital, when I was just stuck in bed for such a long time. I eventually got a window bed which we raised so I could see out of the window. Addington hospital is right in front of the beach, prime time real estate, just across the road from Durban`s South Beach and the place I learnt to surf. I just lay there all day and watched the ocean and visualised myself getting back out there and surfing again.

I was also set up with a video recorder and given a few new tapes every day to watch. I am sure no one realised the pain I had to endure every time I laughed, but I ended up watching all the really good funny movies of the time, it was just another session of pleasure and pain, a reoccurring theme that was going to haunt me for the next 30 years.

National Lampoons Animal House was one of the movies I ended up seeing. It became one of our cult movies and we watched it a thousand times. So when my 21st birthday came along it was just a natural progression to make it a theme party and Toga, Toga, Toga, party was the theme.

If you were not wearing a Toga you were not allowed in the front door.

Leroy was in charge of making sure that was the way it was, except he took it a step beyond, like he tends to do and made up his own rules. If you were wearing any kind of underwear you were also not allowed in.

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