Friday, 6 December 2013

Surf, Sex, Violence 85-86 (11)

To be brutaly honest, today brings too many contradictory feelings. I have a strong opinion on this subject. Two rights can never fix a wrong, killing in the name of freedom can never be condoned, what makes a freedom fighter and what makes a terrorist ? Its just too easy to sit in our arm chairs and heap praise and or judgment.

The IRA, ETA, Al Qaeda, the list is long and terrible, for some terrorists, others freedom fighters. One thing is sure none have the right to kill in the name of their cause, innocent normal people who just happen to be caught up in the circumstances.

We all did terrible things in those days, whites and blacks, none of it was worth anything, it was just useless. Fighting in the name of a lost cause.

Nelson was no angel, but then neither am I or any of my friends believe me. 

He however most probably single handely saved our amazing country from the most unprecedented bloodbath Africa has ever seen, by 1994 things were on the verge of a huge bloody civil war, everyone was armed and ready, the violent extreme factions were ready to get it on at the drop of a hat.

He undeniably has shown the value of forgiveness and compasion, He undeniably has changed the history of our nation.

Whether I like it or not he has undeniably changed the way I see the world, he has helped show me the value of forgivness, the world would most certainly be a better place with more men like him in positions of power.

Do a thousand good deeds make up for a hundred bad deeds?


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